Spa Electrics is an Australian owned and operated business, and is a leading manufacturer of swimming pool and spa underwater lighting. They use only the highest quality materials and components to ensure the manufacturing of consistent high quality products.

Spa Electric lights are available in both LED and Halogen options. With two different mounting options: flush mounted and surface mounted, providing you with a wide variety of lighting options.

The 12volt 100watt Halogen underwater lights are produced to the highest quality standards to ensure long burn life and powerful water penetration, providing a wide spread of light and a beam length of up to 8 metres. The average lamp life is approx 1200 hours. We have a variety of different coloured rims and lenses to match your pools or spa interior.

The Ceramic Light Engine (L.E.D.) is the latest and most advanced technology in the L.E.D. underwater light market. It is available as a surface mounted light, and provides a wide spread of light and a beam length of 8-10 metres. With its exception light output and 70,000 hours plus of burn time you can be confident that you will not have to change the globe once installed. In addition it is a great energy saver, drawing only 25watts of power resulting in large savings in running costs.

The Spa Electrics L.E.D. creates an underwater ambience light no other light available on the market. It creates an opalescent glow, spreading colour throughout the water and is as bright as a flood light due to its powerful output. They are available in either solid or multi colour options.


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